mia. istp . 23. i like the television. on a semi-hiatus due to work.

CATCHING UP ON: xena: warrior princess [rw: s6], house of cards [s1], reign [s1], the mindy project [s1], enlisted [s1], dexter [s5], arrow [s2], nikita [s2], twin peaks [s1], the west wing [s5], supernatural [s6], sons of anarchy [s3], breaking bad [s3]

TO-WATCH LIST: true detective, mad men, falling skies, legend of the seeker, alphas, dollhouse, eureka, shameless, misfits, raising hope


tiberiusmulder  whispered: That anon gave me an idea, Describe your sense of humor in gifs

Oh god.

  1. monstrous-nightmare said: perfect
  2. tiberiusmulder said: LOL This actually makes me like you more. You’re awesome.
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